My life

I am Dorinda Hensema, a young woman and happily married to Dick Tump. We live in the Netherlands, city Enschede. I grew up in this eastern part of the country, near the German border, but I have lived in and nearby big cities as well: Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Devotion and interests 

My reason to wake up in the morning with a smile is to learn, create and experience completely new things every day. Not just by reading texts in books and on the internet, but also by doing, by figuring things out myself. And by getting out there, talking to people I don’t know, doing things I’ve never done before. The most exciting thing for me is travelling abroad. Learn about the history of other countries. Meet new cultures and new people with their own stories. Getting inspired!

People and their stories also play a huge role in my work beacuse businesses are not just companies: they are more often than not related to the passions, skills and stories people have. To be able to use that to develop a brand and guide a business to success is enchanting.

Cars! I love cars. Of course this is why I volunteer for one of the biggest automobile clubs in the Netherlands. From the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA to the Corvette C1, and from the unaffordable Koenigsegg One:1 to the Tesla Model S: I like ‘m! And I certainly like to get my hands dirty under the hood, if there is one (yes, electric cars, I mean you).

Last but not least, I’m passionate about flying small airplanes, like a Cessna or lightweight. But this I unfortunately don’t do too often anymore.


I already told you a bit about my interest in people. The more people I get to know, the happier I am! Not because of all the new connections I might want to ask a favor from some day (like some people use networking for), but because I love to hear about people’s lives. By listening I often get ideas to favor THEM, which is magnificent.

Contact me

I’m always in for a friendly chat or a business conversation. Just send me an email. Hope to talk to you soon!

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