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For 12+ years and many organizations, I’ve traced core problems and defined solutions, after which I did change management following the rules of efficiency, sustainability and speed.

Business is people-work, and in every single case the core problems had to do with lacking management or not having a unique market value. Often both.

My expertise is finding solutions in lucrative gaps in the market, unfulfilled demand and untapped markets, for both existing companies and start-ups, to enhance success and profit.

Efficient, durable and enjoyable change management to implement the new company strategy and course. Including motivating the entire staff.

More revenue, better profit, more success.

With 12+ years and 25+ organizations in experience, I have helped organizations of all sizes understand the current ongoing issues, and I provide them with tailor-made services. I have a proven ability to find, define and implement sustainable change with the best ROI.


  • finding unfulfilled market needs and gaps in the market, specialized for individual companies
  • problem finding and/or problem solution
  • implementing changes, big and small, over entire companies or departments/teams
  • making change management a passionate project of all
  • increasing motivation of staff and management
  • financing and finding investors
  • finding (hard-to-get) personnel; recruiting
  • investigating more competitive advantages
  • analyzing personnel, business operations, documents and situations

Send Dorinda a PM via LinkedIn, or send an email to dorinda@dorinda.eu
Or call/app: +316 51 27 87 99


CASES (under nda)

Internet company

Complaint before hiring:
Our personnel is hardly productive and is non-independent.

Actual problem:
Joining of several companies without guiding the employees to work as one for a new company. No joining of systems to work as one. Too much legacy. Too little (C-level) management control. Too inexperienced and unprofessional personnel, including management. Gossip, flirting and sleeping around among management and personnel. No marketing. No guidance of sales people. Hardly any serious customers. Too much biggering among teams.

There was hardly any serious business to speak of. Everything had to change and the company got a complete revision; a business makeover was due. It took about 9 months. Letting go of unwilling personnel, new design, coaching management, delivering insights on where money is lost and how to fix it, finding new clients, managing existing clients, instructing and motivating personnel.

ROI: +/- 500,000 euros on an annual basis

Real Estate Agency

Complaint before hiring:
Several brokers were working their own specialism, and everyone was searching for their own clients. Within the company, two groups arose who started fighting among them, stealing clients from one another. Since they worked with one computer system, it worked.

Actual problem:
Dorinda went in as a broker’s assistant. She concluded that there was jealousy and anger between the groups. The reason they went to battle turned out to be that a new broker was hired, of whom the employees believed she was sleeping with the boss.

The cheating part turned out NOT to be true, so Dorinda used her people skills to convince the group of the truth. And she set up for the groups to work together through the assignments the company received. This forced cooperation brought the groups closer together, made them familiar enough to talk to each other and it made them understand one another. This created a productive way of working together once again.

ROI: +/- 50,000 euros on an annual basis

Large media company

Complaint before hiring:
In customer service, employees found that they were not getting the right resources to do their job.

Actual problem:
The employees did not get enough time and respect from management. Every time they guided a customer, their name was thrown to pieces if they could not solve it in a satisfactory way – which happened often due to a mandatory inefficient way of working, because the (administration) systems did not work properly. According to the management, there was an inefficient and insufficient way of working, which led to the company to lose income and it made customer service cost too much money.

As one of the team members, Dorinda made a diagnosis. People felt personally attacked when helping customers, they did not feel valued and their motivation was lost. After appeared that management lacked the skills to tackle these problems themselves, after which Dorinda coached and guided management in solving these problems in a revolutionary, very fast way. They applied this immediately and within 2 weeks the first positive consequences became visible, because people became more motivated after they felt respected and appreciated more. Plus, the promise was made, with evidence, that a better administration system was being worked on to solve their problems as soon as possible. This increased efficiency in the customer service process. Permanent valuation systems were also used to ensure that people continued to feel valued in the future.

ROI: +/- 100,000 euros on an annual basis

Advertising Agency

Complaint before hiring:
The male employee did not function well within the team and was perceived as ‘being a pervert’.

Actual problem:
He wanted to be promoted, not because he didn’t like his job (he did), but he didn’t feel appreciated. On the day Dorinda stepped in, there had to be a fast and accurate solution, because he became aggressive.

He was told to take on an intern (Dorinda), to teach her the traits of the job. It was after he got aggressive. They called in Dorinda, because they didn’t want to fire him, because it would cost them a lot of money via the judge. The incident wasn’t big enough to fire immediate dismissal, because Dorinda came in to calm down the situation. She sat with him, soothed his conscience. After a few months, he found another job, he is still working at with pride.

ROI: € 35.000,-

Company in home security

Complaint before hiring:
Sales aren’t high enough

Actual problem:
Soon Dorinda found out that the targets were superhumanly high and that people were regularly being scolded when the bosses were not satisfied. It turned out that they started pushing those people by threatening they would get less salary if they did not reach their targets.

In the end they didn’t seem to be willing to find a solution. Dorinda was able to help the company a bit by giving staff tips on sales, and by coaching management on how to have a satisfied and motivated team. Yet, in the end this didn’t save the company because management was looking for a wrong solution and were not open to be taught about a successful one. A few years later, the company went bankrupt.

ROI: the company has lasted +/- 2 years longer.

The list goes on. Ask Dorinda about it: PM via LinkedIn, send an email (dorinda@dorinda.eu) or call +316 51 27 87 99.

Branches Dorinda worked for, for different companies:

  • Legal offices
  • Internet companies
  • Financial organizations
  • Municipalities (government)
  • Media
  • Automotive companies
  • Person and cargo transportation
  • Advertising and printing
  • Personal and Health Care
  • Importing
  • Communications